How Frens Uses Sociables to Organize Friendly Meetups

Published by Sociables Team ·

Frens, a web3 chat app, makes it easy to make new connections based on common interests. Whether it’s a digital collectible from a PFP-style project, one of the avatars commonly present in a digital realm, or a limited edition of an art piece, it allows quickly setting parameters for a group chat.


When Frens wants to host a meetup, the team would create a token on platforms such as Zora, Manifold, or Opensea, meaning that the organizer would pay around $20 to make a claim page. For the attendees, a requirement to have one of these tokens means they also have to spend somewhere around $7-10, which goes to those passively staking on the blockchain, and pay the platform fee, enough for a drink or a snack. So when a meetup has a limited budget, and even a couple of dozen attendees, hundreds of dollars can be unnecessarily wasted on digital collectibles to work as tokens.

With Sociables, these hundreds of dollars can go towards actual parties — from drinks to snacks, or just to give back to attendees for their time and attention. So when Frens is organizing a meetup, they can utilize Sociables to create free collectibles, and even set specific rules, as needed by the meetup style:

  • Open, meaning claiming the collectible is open to everyone
  • Subscribe to collect, meaning a valid email will be required to collect, allowing the organizer to communicate and follow up easily with attendees
  • Airdrop, so the organizer can simply provide collectibles to the desired attendees, similar to how VIP tickets are distributed
  • Allowlist, meaning collectibles will be available only for a specific list of wallets or emails

With plenty of choices and no fee to create or claim collectibles, Frens can be a friendly way to organize meetups that seamlessly blend web2 creators and those familiar with web3 jargon and tools, without limitations or complicated steps.

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